Monday, 18 May 2009



Lalpet was a Town Panchayat Located in Cuddalore District of Tamilnadu,India.It was located at 22Kms from Chidambaram Town in Chidambaram-Trichy Road that passing through Kattumannarkoil.Lalpet has a rich heritage and pride.It was thought that Lalpet was named after The king "LALKAN" who was aruler of this area.
Lalpet has high percentage of Muslims in Population. Details about Population of lalpet as per 2001 census 


Majority of people in Lalpet was farmers.But, many peoples are voyaged to Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia,UAE,Kuwait and also southern countries like Malaysia,Laos. IN recent Years People of Lalpet also voyaged to European countries Like England and France. It shows that people of lalpet was spread all over the world.Other peoples are involved in Business on and around Lalpet.

Basically Islamic community was accused of poor Educational Standards.But, Lalpet was a relegation of these accuse. There are not only many Graduates are present in the town  But also many Male and Female Graduates are to come in coming years. There was a Government Higher Secondary School that was started is 1960's which educate students from the town and its surrounding villages.An Association called MUSLIM GRADUATES EDUCATIONAL SOCITEY was Founded in 1991 by the graduates in the town to educate muslim students. They started a school named IMAM GAZZALI MATRICULATION SCHOOL IN 1991 in a small Building in New Mosque street.The school was then Promoted to Matriculation school.Now, the school has three wings for Boys,Girls and Kids also. This will show the socitey about the interest of people of lalpet about Education.


Lalpet is famous for religious Functions. Muslims unique functions Eid-ul Fitr and Eid-ul Alha are well celebrated by the people of Lalpet.Along with this many other functions are celebrated in the town. Some of them are listed below 

1) During islamic month of Rabiyul AVVAL and Rabiyul AAHIR, the life History of prophet Mohamed(sal) was discussed in Various Mahallas of Lalpet.
2)During Islamic Month of Jamaathul AAHIR, Haddeses collected by Buhari(Ral) was discussed.
3) Every Friday peoples from all over the Lalpet was assemble in JAMIA MASJID for Jumma prayer are Educted with golden words of our Prophet(sal).


Jamia Manbavul Anwar was the pride of Lalpet.It is the islamic Arabic college founded .